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Our Carriages

We have two Bennington wagonettes, a second one bought thanks to a Big Lottery award. Each is equipped with hydraulic pump so that the back can be lowered and, with the tail-gate lowered to form a ramp, a wheelchair user may be loaded to be secured beside a qualified RDA Whip. The wheelchair is secured to the floor by straps both front and back; the rear is raised level using the hydraulic pump and the wheelchair user is in position to take a second set of reins to enjoy a drive.

One of the Bennington four-wheel waggonettes is pictured above.

The body is hinged so that the rear can be lowered and extending aluminium ramps attached. These ramps are stored in channels under the floor. Once the wheelchair is alongside the RDA Whip the back of the carriage is brought up level by use of the hydraulic pump and the wheelchair is secured to the floor with the webbing straps.




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